GetResponse API

The Application Programming Interface (hereinafter referred to as: API or Interface) is owned by Implix and it can be used only according to the following Terms and Conditions and the Terms and Conditions of GetResponse which are detailed on API allows advanced GetResponse users to automate and customize their Internet marketing activities and make them more effective. The use of API has no additional charge for GetResponse users.

GetResponse API will help our Customers to: implement behavioral targeting, create mailing lists based on user behavior/actions taken (clicks, opens, within various dimensions: geographic location, timings, etc), pass purchase history data into GetResponse, create list segments and send targeted campaigns, keep their application up-to-date by easily synchronizing contacts and lists on a regular basis, retrieve message statistics and subscriber behavior to provide additional insight into Customer behavior, deliver transactional messages according to business rules managed by Customer applications, create customized dashboard reports within a Customer’s application, leveraging detailed statistics from one or more past message delivery. Moreover, web designers can create private label "client portals" where they can log in and preview campaign email analytics.

There are three sets of functions currently covered by our API.